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Cedar Master

Cedar Master
Canadian Western Red Cedar Shakes and Shingles offer a new dimension in natural beauty to compliment a wide range of classic or contemporary building designs and forms.

Cedar shakes and shingles have been used for hundreds of years. They have proven their longevity in all types of climate and weather conditions. Cedar shakes and shingles contain cedar oil that makes them naturally decay resistant. High humidity areas can get added protection with Certi-Last pressure-impregnated preservative treated material. Cedar’s insulating quality, aesthetic appeal, and wind & impact resistance make Certi-Label cedar shakes and shingles the natural choice for your roofing and siding material.

Longevity starts with a quality manufacturer.

Purchasing Cedar Master,

cedar products will refer to “Certi” brand name on the bundle label which guarantees you that the mill undergoes inspections by an independent third party inspection agency. Only Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau (CSSB) member mills are allowed to label their products with the Certi-Label . Each member mill’s bundles will have the distinctive Certi-Label tucked under the bundle strap.

For even longer life span, where climate is a factor, CSSB members offer Certi-Last pressure-impregnated preservative treated shakes and shingles (CCA Treated). These products are ideal for areas of high humidity.The CSSB recommends using Certi-Last products in most of the tropical climate countries.

Certi-Last products are cedar shakes and shingles that are factory pressure-treated by quality treaters who are members of the CSSB.

This treatment will extend the life of Cedar Shakes and Shingles to more than 30 years life expectancy.

The Warranty
Civil Master International, CMI, will provide the warranty to the customer with 5 – 10 years installation and waterproof warranty (subjects to design, slope, and details of the roof). CMI will ensure the quality of working with a letter of warranty once the installation has been completed. This condition will be exercised only if CMI is the supplier and installer of the product according to the standard details. All roof accessories equipped with the Cedar roofing are as important as the Cedar itself. Anti Termites and Fungal decay protection sub roof and Stainless fastening (Staples or Nails) are highly recommend to achieve the CMI installation standard.

Cedar Shakes and Shingles are treated by the pressure-impregnated preservative treatment process (CCA) to ensure the Cedar life expectancy of more than 30 years (when using as roof or wall covering material).

*Under normal conditions and approved installation methods.
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